My life is Your Highness

My rooftop bar. My beloved first-born. 

A friendly jungle above the city, where you can hide from all the boredom and worries of everyday life.

A bar among the clouds from where you can admire all the bridges of Budapest, including my favourite, the Chain Bridge, guarded by my friends - The Lions of Clark.

I don’t deny it: this place - for me - is the scene of my beloved hedonism, where I can taste all the cocktail classics from all around the world or where, if I so desire, my bartenders can surprise me with something spiritually new.

Of course, I don’t miss any opportunity to pop some bubbly, and to keep the unbridled high life from ruining my next day, my Chef makes delicious bar bites every day, which I can vary as I please.

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My Chef's new favourites

Here comes the latest menu at Leo's Rooftop!

LEO's hint: chicken wings teriyaki


Coração do Mundo

...the Heart of the World. A limited edition drink that comes to your table wrapped in the smoke of the sacred tree of Peru, palo santo.

For mezcal lovers - it's a must, for everyone else - it is a highly recommended.


The new craft beer by Leo

...made with palo santo sacred tree, sour cherry, juniper and sage! 

Thank you for the co-op, B*BOP Fermentory!

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