The home of cozy dinners

When I opened my Bistro, my greatest desire was to combine friendly and professional hospitality, a cozy atmosphere and delicious bistro dishes.

Here came my Chef, who created and amazing balance between international tastes, local traditional dishes and vegetarian or vegan options. 

Then, of course, there came the question of drinking.

I couldn’t resist the idea to establish a classic bar ambience, hence my team and I created the Bistro’s unique drink menu with real spirit specialties, champagne curiosities, classic cocktails and the signature drinks of the Seven Senses.

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My Chef's new menu is here

Winter has arrived, and it still feels good!

LEO's hint: spelled and made 100% correctly - Cordon Bleu!


The mixology of the seven senses

The latest creation of my incredible Bar Team: seven cocktails composed for the seven senses. 

"Leo Bistro's new cocktail menu, the atomic bunker for the soul."

- Roadster Magazine - 

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